Just because you’ve hired a professional to clean your carpet does not mean you can leave it be. There are a couple of important instructions you need to follow once the professionals are done cleaning your carpet.  

If you don’t follow these instructions, your carpet will look dirty sooner than expected. However, what if the carpet cleaning professional did not give you any instructions? What should you do? 

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. If you’re planning to hire a carpet cleaning Gilbert, here are some aftercare tips you should consider: 

Don’t Vacuum Right Away 

Professionals recommend that you avoid vacuuming a newly-cleaned carpet within 48 hours. The reason for this is that it can get rid of the protectants and coatings that the cleaner applied.  

If you do spot dirt on your carpet, the best thing you can do is to gently brush it using a soft-bristled brush. After 48 hours, you can vacuum your carpet once again. 

Don’t Walk on Wet Carpet 

Depending on the method that the professional use, you will have to wait for several hours for your carpet to dry. If it is still wet and you walk on it, your carpet will re-soil even after a thorough cleaning.  

Also, try to tell your family members to avoid walking on the carpet when it’s wet. If you do have to walk on it, make sure you remove your shoes first. This will help you maintain its cleanliness for a long period.  

Avoid Placing Furniture 

Professionals recommend that you don’t put the furniture back on the damp or drying carpet. You should wait for at least 24 hours before you can return your furniture pieces to their right places.  

Use a Carpet Protector 

Professional carpet cleaning companies recommend using a carpet protection product. As soon as they’re done cleaning your carpet, you can apply the product right away.  

A carpet protector can help prevent stains and dirt from sticking to your newly-cleaned carpet. It also helps prevent dirt from deeply penetrating the fibers.  

After you apply a carpet protector, make sure you leave the area for a couple of hours to allow the product to cure properly. After several hours, you can vacuum the carpet. 

Keep Pets and Kids Off Newly Cleaned Carpets 

If possible, try to avoid walking on your carpet until you are certain it has properly dried. You should also tell this to your family members and pets. You need to ensure your kids know not to walk on the carpet.  

If you’ve got pets, try to put them in another room until the carpet dries. It can be difficult to stop your pets from walking on the carpet, especially if they prefer to lay on it.  

Use Warm Air to Dry the Carpet 

If you want your carpet to dry quicker, you need warm air. If it is cold outside, close all the windows and turn on your heater. Also, it is best to ventilate the area properly. Because of this, you might have to use several fans to make the process faster.