Deep carpet cleaning is a crucial maintenance task that you should include in your chores. It helps keep your carpet stay in excellent condition for as long as possible. It can also help improve the longevity of your carpet.  

There are a huge variety of carpet cleaning methods available on the market. So, what method should you use? What method can you expect a professional carpet cleaner will use on your carpet? 

Before you hire a professional carpet cleaning Gilbert company, here are several deep carpet cleaning methods you should know: 

Dry Carpet Cleaning 

This method is also called “compound cleaning”. A lot of professionals use this method since it is extremely effective at getting rid of tough stains. It also does not require drying time. The convenience it offers makes it a great option in a huge variety of settings. This is particularly true for facilities that need 24/7 operation and can’t afford disruptions caused by other cleaning methods.  

Bonnet Cleaning 

This cleaning method is only intended to clean the upper layer of the carpet’s fibers. Professionals will use a motorized machine with a spinning pad. They will dip the pad in a cleaning solution before attaching it to the machine.  

This cleaning method is popular in office buildings, commercial properties, schools, and hotels. The reason for this is that it is an efficient and easy way to clean carpets in high-traffic areas.  

This is perhaps not the ideal option for your needs if you want to deep clean your carpets.  


When it comes to carpet cleaning, one of the most popular cleaning methods is shampooing. However, cleaning professionals do not prefer this method. Nowadays, professionals would recommend hot water extraction and encapsulation.  

Shampooing is great. However, it does leave behind wet residue of foam. It will also require a long time to dry and can lead to the carpet being sticky.  

Since it takes a lot of time to dry, professionals don’t recommend this carpet cleaning method anymore. However, they will still provide this service if you ask them. 


A professional cleaner will utilize a base of synthetic detergents in this process. The detergent will then crystallize into powder form once it dries. Because of this, the dirt particles that are trapped deep in the carpet’s fibers will be encapsulated in the powder once the foam dries. This makes them easy to brush up or vacuum. 

Compared to shampooing, this process utilizes less water. This leads to less chemical residue and shorter drying time. 

How Water Extraction 

This is perhaps the most popular deep carpet cleaning method today. Some professionals call it “steam cleaning”.  

In this method, the cleaner will shoot hot water at high pressure into the fibers of the carpet to get rid of dirt. Usually, they will also use a cleaning agent and a brush.  

Just like shampooing, you will also have to wait for the carpet to dry. The time it takes to dry the carpet will greatly depend on how big it is. However, you should expect at least several hours for the carpet to dry completely.